Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Accelerate, Manage, Improve, Retain...

Accelerate Workforce Proficiency

RoleSync™ improves the onboarding and transitioning experience for both the employee and manager as well as eases the burden of knowledge aquisition and recall for the existing exmployee.

Beginning at day one new employees and transitioning will be able to reference an automatically created library of documents, notes, and other information specific to their new responsibilities.

Both new and established employees will continue to contribute to this repository, either manually, as they identify a key piece of knowledge or a role required artifact, or automatically as RoleSync suggests artifacts that appear to be important to the employee's role.

Further, once these artifacts are capture in the RoleBinder™ repository of RoleSync™, they are automatically synchronized and versioned so that both new and original copies are not lost in the event of a computer crash or hard drive failure.

Manage Transitions Effectively

Managing turnover and transition can be a daunting task. However, RoleSync™ simplifies these challenges so managers can maintain productivity during changes.

RoleSync™ provides a central layout of the organization's Role Hiearchy, complete with detailed functions and measures of success.  This allows employees to see, at a glance, the functions of their role for which they will be held accountable in performance evaluations and the measurements that will define success for each function.

Additionally, employees across the organization, and contacts outside of the organization can be easily referenced to understand how they touch components of each function of an employee's role.  Knowing whom to contact in order to fulfill a given responsibility is often more than half of the battle.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employees who understand their roles and what is expected of them are more satisfied and productive and more likely to be around in the future.  This is true of employees who are more established in their current roles as well as employees who are new to either their current role or your organization as a whole.

Satisfied employees tend to be more productive, generate better ideas, and feel more ownership in the organization.  All of these factors are keys to enabling revenue generating, expense controlling, profit producing employees.

Retain New Hires and Key Employees

Studies have shown that employee retention is directly related to the success of the employee's integration into the company during the first 90 days of employment. New employees often receive corporate training, but don't know exactly what to do in their specific job. Getting up to speed can take weeks, or months. RoleSync™ provides the tools for employees to hit the ground running on day one.

If employees are left on their own to figure out what their job entails, they not only become inefficient - losing valuable time, but they could also become frustrated and dissatisfied with their job. All of which may lead to high employee turnover. The cost of employee turnover comes directly off the bottom line, a cost typically calculated at 30-40% of their annual salary.

By using RoleSync™ to successfully integrate new employees into your organization and to help current employees both during their struggle to become successful in their current roles and during their transitions to new roles and responsibilities, your organization can save money and increases profits, while increasing employee satisfaction in the process.

RoleSync™ Gives You…

  1. Industry-leading role management solutions that increase employee productivity and engagement.
  2. Scalable solutions that provide flexibility based on your workforce needs.
  3. Powerful, secure software-as-a-service infrastructure which accelerates integration time and reduces IT burden or professional in house installation if required.
  4. Valuable training and education services focused on increasing adoption and utilization.
  5. Confidence to face workforce transitions throughout your organization.

How RoleSync™ Can Work For You!

RoleSync™ Role Management System is a Human Capital Management tool that provides organizations a more efficient and automatic way to manage role-specific knowledge and training; both during transitions, like restructuring, layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, new hires, transfers, etc., as well as during regular day to day business activities.

It's true that RoleSync™ can decrease the gap between when new employees are acquired and when they become revenue generating.  RoleSync™ gets your employees up and running fast and accelerates their time to proficiency. Each employee will benefit from a standardized/automatic role capturing & documenting process that will allow for seamless transition throughout your company and provide a mechanism for knowledge capture and transfer.

Existing employees can also gain greater proficiency through the consistent use of RoleSync™.  As a quick and easy reference to essential documents, spreadsheets, SharePoint sites, notes on role responsibilities, and more RoleSync™ can help an employee quickly locate the knowledge that he/she needs to complete a specific task, milestone, or even entire project.

With RoleSync™, you will be able to significantly reduce the time it takes for your employees to become proficient in new roles and responsibilities.  At the same time RoleSync™ can help employees automatically store, organize, and recall critical information regarding efficient execution of their current role.

Monday, September 12, 2011

FAQs Part 3

Why is now a good time to implement RoleSync™ at my company?

Driven by the recent economic downturn, a significant number of companies are going through of large-scale business transformations and organizational restructuring. Some have estimated the average turnover rate is currently at 22%. Organizational restructuring and changes in organizational culture often lead to reduced levels of employee engagement and productivity, which may result in decreased employee performance and increased turnover.

Now, more than ever, you need a system that will allow you to Accelerate Workforce Proficiency, Manage Transition Effectively, Improve Employee Satisfaction

How does RoleSync™ differ from a SharePoint system? Is it just a document repository?

SharePoint is a Microsoft technology that allows a company to host intranet based web pages. It also enables the sharing of MS Office documents between users on the intranet. The SharePoint resides on a server running the SharePoint software.

RoleSync™ isn't simply a place for document sharing. It provides organizations with a way to maintain productivity throughout the organizations during times of transition. This role capturing and transitioning software is designed to decrease the gap between when new employees are acquired and when they become revenue generating.

How does Accelerous license its software?

We use the software-as-a-service model (SaaS) for our software offerings. This is a subscription based pricing that allows you to pay for your solution on a monthly basis. You will not need to incur any upfront costs for installation or commit any additional resources for hardware or to manage new systems.

FAQs Part 2

How will RoleSync™ improve the productivity of my employees?

RoleSync™ Transition Management System gets your employees up and running fast and accelerates their time to proficiency. Each employee will benefit from a standardized role documentation process that will allow for seamless transition throughout your company and provide a mechanism for knowledge capture and transfer.

FAQs Part 1

Why should I use RoleSync™? I already have a good hiring and onboarding HR software tool to integrate new employees into the company.

A lot of organizations have a process in place to get an employee integrated into the company officially so they can begin working on their assigned job and with their team and manager as soon as Day 1.

RoleSync™ is unique in that it focuses on training the new employee with their job-specific requirements.

Is RoleSync™ only used with new employees?

Not at all. Everyone in the organization can benefit from using RoleSync™. When an employee transitions to a new role, it can be a daunting task. Even though they still work for the same company, everything about the job itself may feel foreign. RoleSync™ helps them learn their new assignments and be fully engaged quickly, so they can make immediate contributions to their new team.

Does that mean RoleSync™ can help decrease my turnover rate?

We all know that the first 90 days on the job is a key period to help integrate employees into their new role and make them feel a part of the team. If they don't know how to start their job assignments, or know what those assignments are, they can quickly feel disengaged from the team and company.

RoleSync™ provides a dashboard of pending items that the new employee needs to complete based specifically upon that job description. Managers then can monitor the level of employee engagement through the transition process.

Which type of companies should use RoleSync™?

Because RoleSync™ helps organizations deal with workforce transition, the organizations that would probably benefit the most from this service would be those who employ 75 or more employees. Job transitions at companies this size happen quite often.

Additionally, organizations that have jobs more technical in nature, and use computer systems often, would benefit the most. Industries such as healthcare, financial, banking, manufacturing, retail, aerospace, telecommunications, and governments would be a good fit.